Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018


8th-Review for chapter 12 test.
7th-Outline 2-1 due tomorrow.  Outline 2-2 due Monday.
6th-GH14 RIGHT words due tomorrow.  Please review for quiz of these words next week.


8th-All of chapter 2 should be completed by tomorrow.  Chapter test next week.  ROSARY BEADS due 10/1/18.
7th-Chapter 2 test Monday.  Chapter 3 Faith words/person/Big Q & A due next Wednesday.  The rest of chapter  3 is due next Friday.


8th-O'Henry's "A Retrieved Reformation" story comprehension quiz is on Wednesday, 9/26/18.


ART SUPPLY  FEE- Thank you to all who already submitted the $10 art fee that Mrs. Hopkins has requested in her letter posted on her ART BLOG.  If you did not send it in please due so ASAP.  This fee is in lieu of having to supply your own art box/supplies.

Back-to School Night is tonight.  Meeting starts promptly at 7:00pm followed by classroom visits.

School Picture Day is tomorrow-DRESS UP clothing.  This is NOT a tag day.

Summer Greetings

 Dear Junior High Students, I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation and this time with your family.   I am looking forward to being wit...