Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Good Morning,

Today is an "A"  day.  I will be seeing you all for Social Studies today.
8:30 7th Graders- code: 7thsocialstudies
9:35 8th Graders- code: MrsGargin8
10:35 6th Graders code- 6thsocialstudiers


8th-Review for quiz 23-3 & 23-4 on Friday.  Chapter test next week.
7th-Review for chapter 9 test Tuesday.
6th-Review for quiz 8-2 on Friday.


8th-Chapter 13 test Monday.
7th-Chapter 13 test Monday.
********Please keep current on Deacon Bruce's assignment and it's due date.  It is a graded assignment.  If you have questions please contact him directly, so as to receive the fullest amount of credit.********


8th-Story comprehension quiz tomorrow on the three poems read and discussed in class.

Please check all of your teachers' blogs, including the special, for their assignments.  I believe you have a new Art assignment due tomorrow.

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