Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday, March 13, 2020

Dear Parents,
The students received a "Remote Learning Education Plan" from me today.  The plan list the assignments that each class level is to accomplish and the date each is due.  I've also provided the student with a schedule of when they can reach me and I would respond.  I tried to keep very assignment as close to our regular schedule as possible.   ALL assignments are to be shared with me via Google Docs at:
Students should refer to the schedule for the second week's assignment.  I will also post them.
I wish everyone to STAY WELL.


8th-Outline 23-1 due Monday.  Outline 23-2 due Wednesday, 3/18.    Video summary-explained to the class due is due Friday, 3/20.
7th-Outline 8-3 due Monday, 3/16.  Outline 9-1 due Wednesday, 3/18.  Video summary -as discussed in class due Friday, 3/20.
6th-Outline 8-1 due Monday, 3/16.  Outline 8-2 due Wednesday, 3/18.  Video summary -explained in class-due Friday, 3/20.


8th-Chapter 13: Faith words/person/Big Q & A/9-10 essay-shared via Google Docs due Tuesday, 3/17.  Rest of chapter will be due Thursday and will be completed in text as usual.
7th-Chapter 13:  Faith words/person/Big Q & A/9-10 essay due Tuesday.  Rest of chapter work will be due on Thursday and be completed in text as usual.
**** March Prayer quiz is scheduled for Monday, 3/30.
PLEASE SEE THE PAPERS FRO DEACON BRUCE.  Mrs. Cardinale will blog the questions to be answered for Deacon Bruce once she receives the.  Any questions for Deacon Bruce should go DIRECTLY to him at:


8th-To Kill a Mockingbird-read the conclusion of our story.  Story comprehension quiz has been scheduled for 3/26.  We will take it upon our return to school.

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