Monday, October 1, 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018


8th-Review 13-1 & 13-2 for quiz.  Online quiz due Thursday.
7th-All of chapter 2 should be completed.  Review for chapter 2 test.  Online quiz due Thursday.
6th-Quiz tomorrow on GH15 LEFT terms.  GH15 Right terms will be due on Wednesday.


8th-Chapter 3 read/highlight/answer end of chapter questions due Wednesday.
7th-Review for chapter 3 test on Thursday.  Chapter 4 faith words/person/Big Q & A due next Wednesday.


8th-Story comprehension quiz for "Raymond's Run" on Thursday.


Bishop's Mass permission slip due tomorrow.
OCTOBER pizza order due by Thursday-on Friday folder

Summer Greetings

 Dear Junior High Students, I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation and this time with your family.   I am looking forward to being wit...